Monday, April 10, 2006

The End to Our Long or Short Journey. By Jeremiah Torres

Life in our country may seem hard but it really isn't as bad as we think it is. I witnessed people who have it way harder than Americans and they still seem to be able to smile these people really are inspiring. The people I talk about are the Mayan people of guatemala. Their entire lives they have been persecuted because of their heritage and that's wrong. They have been killed for their political views which shows how a lot of their rights have been taken away. I heard in videos how the goverment of guatemala had tortured the mayan people for helping the guerillas in the civil war and this goes aginst the article of no torture shall be administered on people. This is something that I learned while on the trip. I really enjoyed this trip to guatemala. It's a country where my ancestry from my mother's side of the family resides and it's a real great thing to go back and explore the country your family is from it really got me back into my roots to really understand what it is like to live like a guatemalan. This is a trip I will remember forever because of the memories I will have about the people that went and how it changed us as a group. I had a great time learning how to dance salsa and I really had a great experience with all the people. I'm so grateful that Melanie set this up for us and really followed through on making this a fun and exciting trip. This was something she didn't have to do but she did anyways and I thank her for that. I want to give a shout out to our guide Carlos he was so down to earth and such a cool guy. I will miss his humor and how he laughed a lot. Everyone on the trip stay chilero(cool) in guatemalan form of slang) I'll see you guys when break is over. That's all I got to say so it's good bye for now and i'll see you later. Payce.


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