Thursday, April 13, 2006

GOODBYE GUATEMALE, Zoe will miss you...

wow, so, reflecting on this trip i am realizing just how incredible it was. we were able to learn so much about another country, culture and way of life in just a week. i can't believe it's over: all the laughter, good food, dancing and wonderful people we met. but more importantly, i am taking away a better sense of guatemalan people and what life is like in other places and realizing how important it is to get to know these places. this trip has changed my life in more ways than i ever could have asked for, and for this i have so many people to thank...Ms. Manuel, you were awesome it was very clear just how important this was for you as well, and we most certainly couldn't have done it without your help. everyone on the trip-i had a great time with you all and thank you for making this trip so much fun. i hope we can all keep in touch after this. and carlos, whom we would have been extremely lost without, and thank you for also bringing so much joy to us all. and finally, everyone who donated, it was your donations that got us there, so thank you so so so much, and i cant wait to come back...i'll miss you guatemala, until my return, adios! xoxo zoe


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